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Reddish Egret - White MorphSunset BeachSunset BeachGetting ready to jam with @hopedarlingband , Greg and Jeff doing some pre-show tuning at the One Love Jam Fest in Palm Harbor, Florida. That concentration before and during a show is how they make it look so easy. . . . . . . #photSave the speakers. No matter how much careful planning you do for a show, there is always something that will happen that is out of your control. It's how you deal with that keeps the show running smoothly.  Kudos to @tfkaminsky1 , @theblur20 , and this h#Sneakpeek of Hope Darling performing at this weekend's One Love Jam Fest.  It was amazing. Great to see all the people who came out to support the cause and great to see the other bands that played.  . And always a pleasure to see friends and family outP4270113

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