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Sunset on Annamaria Island.How to have a bikini body: put a bikini on your body. Period.   I'm 41. I've gestated and birthed and nursed two children in/for the past 6+ years. Pregnancy gave me diastasis recti, so my abs are split down the middle instead of meeting up to hold everytIn the water with my babies. 😍😍😍 #exploringthesunshinestateNora and Claire love playing in the sand. 😍😍😍 Being their mamma and playing at the beach with them might have cured me of my sand hatred. #exploringthesunshinestateNot too bad for our first beach setup! Our Tommy Bahama beach cart (from Costco) is so awesome and makes schlepping so much less schleppy; it holds allllll of our stuff, has an attachable cooler, and I just have to help kids to and from the beach while JaIdyllic Childhood MemoriesWhere in the world is the New Wave Swim Buoy now? Manatee Public Beach, Holmes Beach, Florida 🍊 . . Repost from @fenimoregarry  . . Here's your school of hogfish for today. Awesome swim conditions as it was very clear water and mild temperatures

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