Guide to Shore Acres

Scenes from Shore Acres
Pink and green!! πŸ’—πŸ’š I have family that lived on Tampa's Davis Island, but somehow growing up we never made it over to this amazing historic neighborhood in St. Pete.  Every house on this street is perfection--but this one! Built inLove everything about this breathtaking Tudor Revival Arts & Crafts house (entryway closeup in my previous post). So much mixing of styles here, at first I wasn't sure what to call this! Built in 1920, this home last sold in 2010 for $370k. #architectureI nearly fell down when I first saw this stunning entryway on this very unusual home in St. Petersburg (that Tudor arch!!) I'll include the front elevation in the next post.  G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.😍🏠❀🏠😍 #architecture #arcBon voyage.Lavender & purple with navy blue--this bold American foursquare may just be my new favorite house. It's really gorgeous! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #architecture #architecturelovers #archi_ologie #americanfoursquare #foursquarehouse #foursCan't see the Craftsman for the (palm) trees.🌴 These specimen coconut palms are spectacular.  But no one can see the beautiful house!  And many of the houses were like this. Imo the homeowners in this neighborhood should keep it sleek & clean foOutside garden space from the Spanish Revival house in the previous post.  Bougainvillea perfection--love itπŸ’• #architecture #architecturelovers #archi_ologie #spanishrevival #stucco #garden #floridahouses #beautifulhouses #deservetopreserve #r