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Florida is famous for its long sandy beaches, but the white sand beaches of St. Petersburg are extra special. The sand is the result of millions of years of quartz deposits that give it its snowy appearance. It is also much softer than you find on most beaches and you can safely walk on it barefoot without burning your feet.

In St. Pete/Clearwater, each sunset over the Gulf of Mexico paints a scene as unique as the beaches that line its shores. The spectrum presents many possibilities for beach getaways near Tampa – from remote islands and laid-back beach towns to scenes saturated with sun-seekers. Which fits your mood?

During the summer, St Petersburg’s beaches have water temperatures that can reach the high 70’s. In the winter months, the water can get a bit chilly, but there are fewer tourists around. Whenever you go, you will find plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.


North Shore Beach

North Shore is one of St. Petersburg City’s two public beaches. It is great if you want to visit a beach a little closer to the city. The beach is small, but clean with white sand and great views of Tampa Bay. It has great facilities – restrooms, a playground, tennis courts, volleyball nets, picnic spots, and paddleboat rentals. It is also located near the North Shore Aquatic Complex which has excellent swimming facilities.

Spa Beach

Located next to St. Petersburg Pier, Spa Beach is the city’s second public beach. It’s a little gem of a beach that often gets overlooked. There are lovely walking and rollerblading trails along the coast with plenty of spots to relax with a book or picnic. There reliable parking nearby as well as kayak and Jet Ski rentals.

Madeira Beach

Famous for its John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, Madeira Beach is the place to go for shopping, sea view restaurants, and delicious ice-cream cones. You can even go deep-sea fishing or on a dolphin watching cruise from the nearby marina. If you visit in October don’t miss the Seafood Festival!

Treasure Island

On the Gulf of Mexico side of St. Petersburg sits three miles of white sand beach at Treasure Island. The beach is not only long but wide, ensuring even at busy times there is plenty of room for everyone to set up for the day. Treasure Island is great for those who want good nightlife with heaving bars, live music, and plenty of restaurants. The beach hosts a famous Sand Sculpting Contest each November, which has a festival vibe with food and craft sellers.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is located at the southern end of Treasure Island. It is ideal if you want to enjoy the sea in a quieter atmosphere. The beach is a bit narrower than Treasure Island, but still has plenty of soft, white sand. It is located just past Caddy’s a notoriously rowdy establishment that always has something going on.

St. Pete Beach

Located on an island to the west of St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach has something for everyone; even surfing. The beach is regularly ranked as one of the best in the world. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels, to motels, to bed and breakfasts. The gentle surf makes it an ideal family beach. Head on over to Shell Key via shuttle to do a little shell collecting, as well as bird and dolphin watching. Tradewinds Resort on the beach has entertainment for travellers of all ages. The High Tide Slide is particularly fun for thrill seekers.

  • white sand beaches stpetersburg florida
  • white sand beaches stpetersburg florida
  • white sand beaches stpetersburg florida
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  • white sand beaches stpetersburg florida 4
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